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Bike to work research paper

Bike to Work: A Survey on Use of Bike in Time of COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: With COVID-19 pandemic, biking has quickly emerged as an alternative mode of transportation. This paper focused on the use of bicycle as a transportation option. The objective of this survey was to collect opinions from the public (especially the bicycle-riding public) that could contribute to planning (safety and sustainability) and greening efforts.

  Trends on Female Economic Inactivity and Determinants of Female Labor Force Participation in the Philippines

Description: This study aims to contribute to the discussion on policies to address the persistent low female labor force participation in the Philippines by providing labor market intelligence on economically inactive women in the country...

  Public Employment Services and labor market outcomes: Evidence of linkage from the Philippines

Description: Drawing on a panel data comprised of all 16 administrative regions in the Philippines observed over a 14 year-period (i.e., 2006-2019), the study offers empirical evidence on the linkage of Public Employment Services (PESs) and labor market outcomes (LMOs)from a developing country context via the accessibility lens...

  Facilitating Work in the New Normal: An Assessment of Local Public Employment Facilitation Services and Mechanisms in the Philippines

Description: The study looked into how providers of local public employment facilitation services have attuned themselves to the new normal and ensured that the services and mechanisms they implement remained to be accessible, responsive, and unhampered in light of the COVID-19 pandemic...

Managing Disruptions in the Age of Automation, Integration, and Reforms: A Situational Analysis of the Information Technology and  Business Process Management Sector in the Philippines

Description: The study intends to better understand the current situation of the Information Technology and Business Process Management sector in the Philippines in light of recent and imminent socio-economic and socio-political drivers of change particularly, the rise of artificial intelligence and digital automation in the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the shift towards an integrated economy within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations region, and the introduction of proposed government reforms. 

productivity roadmap


Description: In view of the Secretary of Labor and Employment’s directive for all DOLE Offices to implement a productivity program, this Institute for Labor Studies Productivity Roadmap is presented and launched to improve productivity in the Institute.

skills profiling sugarcane workers

Skills Profiling of Workers in the Sugarcane Industry

Description: Part of the strategies of the Human Resource Development Convergence Program in the Sugarcane Industry of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) is the conduct of public discussion among government agencies and partners about skills development for sugarcane workers. With the aim of contributing to this discussion, the paper aims to generate a skills profile of the target workforce and consequently draw some implications of…

tracer study kabuhayan program

A Tracer Study of the DOLE Kabuhayan para sa Magulang ng Batang Manggagawa (KASAMA) Program

Description: Among the key strategies of the government to reduce and further prevent the incidence of child labor is to ensure decent and productive work for parents of working children and provide basic social protection for their families. It is within this context that the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) initiated the Kabuhayan Para sa Magulang ng Batang Manggagawa (KASAMA) Project. Since 2008, KASAMA has been implemented as one…

rapid assessment special program on employment students

A Rapid Assessment on the Special Program for Employment of Students

Description: Youth unemployment and underemployment are one of the country’s most challenging economic and social problems. According to the April 2014 Labor Force Survey, about half (49.8% or 1.456 million) of the total unemployed workforce were young workers belonging to the 15-24 age bracket. To increase the probability of finding work for these jobless youth and raise their productivity as well as income, governments and policymakers have…

review of social amelioration program sugarcane industry

 Review of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the Sugar Industry

Description: In aid of decision-making and as part of the program process and cycle, the evaluation of programs is needed to determine if the program is working well or not, or whether it as achieved its objectives. An assessment of the operations and results of the program is needed to contribute to the improvement of program results, service delivery, and management, and for greater efficiency and effectiveness. The Social Amelioration…


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