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Youth unemployment and underemployment are one of the country’s most challenging economic and social problems. According to the April 2014 Labor Force Survey, about half (49.8% or 1.456 million) of the total unemployed workforce were young workers belonging to the 15-24 age bracket. To increase the probability of finding work for these jobless youth and raise their productivity as well as income, governments and policymakers have identified programs to facilitate their smooth transition from school to the labor market. The Special Program for Employment of Students is one of the government interventions promoting youth employment.

Beneficiaries are provided with temporary work for a certain period. In its two decades of implementation, the program has faced several issues and challenges and has undergone revision of guidelines. Based on the study, the immediate effects of the program are income augmentation and enhanced employability. However, the net employment impact is another dimension which needs to be studied.

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Title: A Rapid Assessment on the Special Program for Employment of Students
: Miraluna S. Tacadao