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Past webinars: REVIVE & THRIVE 2020


Webinar #1: Digital Platforms: Rethinking Business and Redefining Work (29 June 2021 at 09:30am)

This webinar aims to provide a venue for the presentation and policy discussion regarding platform economy and work. It highlights digital labor platforms as a business model/strategy along with the characteristics of work it entails (i.e., food and service delivery workers) in the Philippines. Further, the discussion from the webinar aims to supplement the information gathered for the ongoing study of the Institute regarding the nature and working conditions of food and service delivery riders.



Webinar #2: Introduction to Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) Modelling as a labor policy analytical tool (06 August 2021 at 10:00am)

The webinar aims to introduce CGE modeling to DOLE technical employees and to facilitate discussion on its potential as a quantitative analytical tool in crafting better labor and employment policies. We invited Dr. Philip Arnold P. Tuaño, Chair of Ateneo de Manila University’s Department of Economics to serve as the resource person for the webinar. Dr. Tuaño has an extensive knowledge on, and expertise in, CGE modelling.


Webinar #3: Mandanas Ruling: Devolution, opportunities and the path to peso institutionalization (31 August 2021 at 09:30am)

As the third installment in the ILS Advocacy Webinar Series 2021 with title, “Resilience in Stride: Road to Employment Recovery and adapting to the New Normal,” the webinar intends to provide a venue for exchange of ideas and elicit discussion leading to a proper appreciation and implementation of this landmark ruling, as a pathway to better planning, coordination and implementation of labor and employment policies between the executive offices across local level, for the greater benefit of the public.


Webinar #4: #engAGED: Lifelong learning for senior citizens (05 October 2021 at 09:30am)

The webinar aims to discuss lifelong learning essentials and the various related opportunities and initiatives especially for our elders. With current global challenges, skills development and lifelong learning are seen as an important component anda key to the future of work. For the elders, it offers an opportunity to engage in activities that can enrich their lives and contribute to their healthy aging.


Webinar #5: Katutubo sa Krisis ng COVID-19: Mga Kwento ng Ayuda at Bayanihan sa Gitna ng Pandemya (10 November 2021 at 09:30am)

The webinar aims to provide a venue to discuss the current situation of Indigenous Peoples (IP)in the Philippines amidst the pandemic and to determine policy priority areas and opportunities for collaboration, to put IPs in the center of recovery efforts towards securing a resilient and sustainable future.


Webinar #6: Jab or Job: Reconciling Vaccine Hesitancy and Management Prerogative (07 December 2021 at 09:00am)

This webinar seeks to saunter the delicate balance between the enforcement of management prerogative and accord due respect for the rights of the workers to refuse inoculation, safeguarding their individual right to freedom especially on matters relating to one’s health as guaranteed under the Constitution and other laws.


Webinar #7: Dig Deeper: Promoting Disability-Inclusive Governance in the Philippines (10 December 2021 at 02:00pm)

The webinar is a 2-hour online activity where there source speakers will present an overview of their organization’s disability-inclusive governance framework. This will eventually guide the DOLE in mainstreaming its policies, programs, and services towards a disability-inclusive society. Target participants of the webinar are all interested individuals including community groups and non-government organizations with advocacies on the rights and welfare of PWDs(e.g., Project Inclusion Network Inc., Leonard Cheshire Disability Philippines Foundation Inc., Virtualahan, etc.).


Webinar #8: Organizing in the Informal Economy: Moving Towards Post-COVID-19 Sustainability (15 December 2021 at 09:30am)

This webinar generally provides a venue to discuss the current landscape of labor organization in the Philippines and the increasing relevance of organizing labor in the informal economy through social and solidarity economy approach. Among others, this webinar intends to present the existing landscape of labor organizations in the Philippines and current government initiatives on organizing labor in the informal economy.