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/justice_righteousness_public_in_service webinar programme

Webinar #1: A DOLE Special Lenten Program: Justice and Righteousness in Public Service (13 April 2022)

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Webinar #2: Stakeholders' Consultation on DOLE's Disability-Inclusive Governance Framework (14 and 28 July 2022)

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safe spaces webinar

Webinar #3: Learning Session on the Safe Spaces Act (14 September 2022)

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online employment webinar

Webinar #4: Linking Jobs and Jobseekers in a Digital Age (16 December 2022)

The presentations discussed and addressed these three key topics:

1) Good practices in jobs facilitation and matching in a digital age; 

2) Challenges/issues encountered in the implementation of the said job facilitation; 

3) Labor and employment policies that may address challenges/issues in digital job facilitation. 

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senior citizens employment webinar

Webinar #5: No Shelf Life: Employment and Income Opportunities for Senior Citizens (19 December 2022)

The webinar provided a venue to discuss the Philippines’ best practices in ensuring the productivity of its senior citizens beyond the so-called “twilight years” and debunking the notion that “retirement” equals expiration on life productivity. It discussed the following:

1) Discussion of an actual employment program created for senior citizens  

2) Challenges/concerns met in the implementation of an employment program for Senior Citizens  

3) Ways forward.  

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