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In aid of decision-making and as part of the program process and cycle, the evaluation of programs is needed to determine if the program is working well or not, or whether it as achieved its objectives. An assessment of the operations and results of the program is needed to contribute to the improvement of program results, service delivery, and management, and for greater efficiency and effectiveness. The Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the Sugar Industry was established with the aim of contributing to the attainment of decent living of sugar workers and their families through sharing in the fruits of production, or profit-sharing through the imposition of a lien on the volume of sugar produced.

The proceeds shall form the Social Amelioration Fund, composed of 2 main components: 1) the Cash Bonus Fund, to augment the income of sugar workers; and 2) the Socio-Economic Program Related Funds, to finance social and economic programs to improve their livelihood and well-being. An initial review reveals several operational issues that have plagued the program since its inception and some prospects for redesigning some aspects of the program.

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Title:Review of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP) in the Sugarcane Industry
: Paulina Kim C. Pacete