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This paper examines the policy framework on worker displacement specifically by reviewing existing issuances, programs and mechanisms; designing conceptual and operational frameworks to strengthen present initiatives; and recommending measures or interventions for policy revisions. The review of existing frameworks for worker displacement has sought at least seventeen policy issuances of the DOLE since 1997 relevant to the subject matter and has found varying definitions and interpretations on worker displacement. Issuances have also shown the progress and improvement in the level of understanding and conceptualization of the DOLE on worker displacement expanding definitions from initially covering economic-related disruptions to including natural or man-made and policy-related disruptions.

Several programs have also been rapidly reviewed not discounting a separate TWG working at present on the detailed assessment of each programs relevant to worker displacement. Based on literature review and the issuances of the DOLE, worker displacement as a conceptual framework includes three significant elements: (1) involuntariness; (2) permanence; and (3) exogeneity or cause of termination. Worker displacement is defined as the separation of workers to their jobs or termination of the employment relationship that is involuntary on the part of the worker, with a permanent effect without assurance of re-employment to the same employer or industry, and that is not caused by the worker’s job performance, work behavior and attitude, or work relations and other factors that are not attributable to the characteristics of the individual worker. Programs and mechanisms in place must also be organized to the following types and strategies: (1) internal and external adjustments; (2) active and passive responses; and (3) employment system flexibility. The findings from this policy research based on reviews of existing frameworks, literatures and data are recommended to improve the measures or interventions towards revising policies and creating a comprehensive yet decent and just approach in addressing adverse impacts of worker displacement.

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Title: Study on DOLE Programs for Displaced Workers: A Review of the Policy Framework for Worker Displacement in the Philippines
: Patrick P. Patriwirawan, Jr., MIR