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According to Republic Act No. 7103 or “An Act to Strengthen the Iron and Steel and Promote Philippine Industrialization and for Other Purpose,” which was enacted in 1991, the iron and steel industry refers to the “preparation, smelting, crushing, soaking, blooming, slabbing, melting, firing, rolling, casting, shaping, plating, galvanizing, and other processes involved in transforming raw materials (i.e., iron ore, coke, limestone, fluorspar, dolomite, and silica) into semi-finished products (i.e., ingots, slabs, blooms and billets) and/or semi-finished products into finished products (products in their final physical state, e.g., hot-rolled coils and, plates and sheets).”

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Title: HRD Roadmap Iron and Steel Industry
: Bernard Paul M. Mangulabnan