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In 2012, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), through the Board of Investments (BOI), shifted its strategy of industrial policymaking and execution. This strategic shift favors more significant private sector participation in the national industrial agenda setting, with the government taking on the roles of facilitator of sectoral dialogues, broker of constructive partnerships, and enabler of an investment climate conducive to achieve more rapid and sustained growth (Cristobal, 2014).

This initiative, called the Industry Development Program (IDP), mainly entails the DTI to engage with the private sector through industry associations or federations to develop industry roadmaps that will support the formulation of a Comprehensive National Industrial Strategy (CNIS),1 a priority item under the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) 2011–2016. The PDP anchors the national goal of inclusive growth—defined in the Plan as “poverty reduction in multiple dimensions and massive creation of quality employment”—on reviving the manufacturing sector and expanding and diversifying the services and agriculture sectors. The government considers these sectors drivers for accelerating Philippine economic growth in the medium-term, as well as primary generators of good quality employment (National Economic and Development Authority [NEDA], 2014).

According to the DTI, the roadmaps developed should spell out industries’ growth targets and strategies (possibly until 2030), linkages with other sectors, and the reforms needed to enhance competitiveness. The formulation of such roadmaps will help the government identify its mediumand long-term investment priorities and define its position in trade negotiations and export promotion activities. As of June 2015, a total of 29 industry roadmaps have been completed
and submitted to the BOI for consolidation, with submissions ranging from the automotive to the rubber product industries.2

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Title: Documenting Practices in Human Resource Development Planning
: Bernard Paul M. Mangulabnan