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Social Protection

The introduction of digital labor platforms redefined labor exchange effecting significant implications to work processes and organization. While platform workers have garnered greater autonomy and income (whether primary or secondary), majority of them have limited social protection, leaving them vulnerable to economic shocks and life contingencies. Platform worker, as self-employed are covered in a similar way to a salaried worker. However, the level is generally lower which the availability and conditions under which social protection benefits heavily depend on rules set out in national legislations and their effective implementation.

The Philippines' fisheries industry is crucial to the country's economy given the archipelagic nature of the nation. However, it continues to face challenges due to seasonal employment and precarious conditions of workers in the industry, as well as a variety of threats associated with overfishing and climate change. A critical dimension to the seasonality of work is the access to and scope of social protection benefits for the workers and their families.