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Domestic workers around the globe provide essential housekeeping services in private households whether in their own countries or abroad as migrant workers.  They do the work that we do not want to do or cannot do.  They take care of our homes for us.  They clean our house when we are too tired to clean it.  While we are at work, they are with our loved ones, taking good care of them, serving them.

  They do the dirty work.  Some even teach our children who are in school.  They have become an integral part of families.  However, despite the important role they play in our homes and in our society, domestic workers are vulnerable to abuse and exploitation.  Some are subjected to long hours of work, low wages, lack social security coverage, and do not belong to workers’ organizations,  Due to the stereotyped role of women doing household work, their work is often regarded as not “real” work warranting social and legal protections.  As policy-makers, the objective is to ensure protection and move them from dirty, demeaning, and dangerous jobs towards decent work for domestic workers.

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Title: Philippine Policy and Practice on Domestic Work vis-a-vis Convention 189: Assessment of Responses

Researcher: Paulina Kim Pacete

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