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At the international and national levels, periodical updating of existing national list of hazardous work for children has been identified as a policy priority to accelerate action against the worst forms of child labor. Information gaps in the agriculture sector with respect to the coverage of hazardous work list had been widely recognized worldwide. In the Philippines, efforts to amend the hazardous work list has been set in motion, first by increasing the knowledge-base on the nature of work and the specific hazards that child laborers are exposed to in crop agriculture as critical input in the process.

The study reveals that child laborers are subjected to various physical and chemical hazards due to strenuous labor, long working hours, exposure to dangerous tools and equipment, and application and handling of fertilizers and pesticides. As such, the study recommends that the activities which expose the children to these risks should be considered in updating the country’s hazardous work list.

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Title:Hazards at Work: Child Labor in Agriculture

Researcher:Adeline T. De Castro

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