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Discussions are ongoing at the international and national levels for the complete ratification of the 2007 International Labour Organization (ILO) Work in Fishing Convention (WIFC) by member-states. As the Philippines has yet to ratify this convention, several stakeholders have expressed concern and apprehension regarding their capacity to comply with the standards described in the 2007 WIFC. Hence, this research seeks to provide empirical evidence that could serve as a baseline for examining the capacity of the country to ratify said convention.

Using a survey method and gap analysis approach, this study seeks to determine the extent to which national laws, regulations, other measures, and existing practices in the sector complement the requirements of the 2007 WIFC (No. 188) and its Recommendations (No. 199). The results of the study indicate that the industry, particularly small fishing companies, is not yet ready to comply with the requirements of the ILO Convention. Hence, this study recommends the pursuit of ratification of the convention while observing sufficient flexibilities should the Philippine government decide to make national laws consistent with international rules and regulations. Nonetheless, whether the country ratifies the convention or not, Philippine flag vessels will be required to comply with the provisions of the Convention once it enters into force. Fishing vessels will also be required to abide by existing national laws governing the employment and working conditions of fishers employed in fishing vessels engaged in commercial fishing operations. Thus, both the government and private sector should prepare for eventual compliance.

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Title: Gap Analysis of ILO Convention 188, Work in Fishing Convention, 2007
: Brenalyn A. Peji