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This policy paper intends to answer the longstanding public policy issue in labor and employment concerning the urgent need to reform the Labor Code, particularly Book Five (V) which covers labor relations. This paper offers a framework of analysis for reform areas examining enunciated policy objectives, regulatory interventions, and policy outcomes in labor relations. Regulatory areas identified include labor organization, collective bargaining, dispute settlement, as well as strikes and lockouts. Data show that there is relatively a steady decrease in the key indicators considered in this paper.

Moreover, perspectives from the round table discussion are taken together as inputs to the analysis along with an identification of policy alternatives focused at the firm (micro-), industry (meso-), national (macro-) and international (meta-) levels. The recommendations advocate for the following(1) alignment of the provision of the 1974 Labor Code, as amended, with the fundamental guarantees of the 1987 Philippine Constitution; (2) harmonization with international conventions and other labor-related instruments; (3) expansion of the coverage of employment and employment relations including promotion of gender equity and equality in the definition of employment relations; (4) recognition of the emerging forms of work arrangements and work representations showing consideration for gender-specific requisites; (5) integration of voluntary modes of practices and partnerships between workers and employers; and (6) configuration of more streamlined dispute settlement systems.

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Title: REINFORCING LABOR RELATIONS THROUGH RESPONSIVE REGULATIONS: An Assessment on the Regulatory Reform Areas in Book Five of the Labor Code, as amended

Researcher: Patrick P. Patriwirawan Jr.

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