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Rights at Work

The focus of this study is to assess the guidelines governing the implementation of the conduct of Time and Motion Study (TMS) and Facilities Evaluation(FE), as wage regulatory procedures by virtue of the Labor Code of the Philippines. These procedures are used in determining fair and reasonable wages and value of facilities furnished by the employer to his/her employees, respectively. Based on established facts and experience of the regulatory bodies behind the administration of said procedures in the enterprise level, presently, there are issues and challenges that surround its implementation.

With rapid technological advances and increased online connectivity, business models  have  been  reshaping  and  the  nature  of  work  are  changing.  One  of  the important transformations in the world of work is the use of digital labor platforms (ex. Grab,, UpWork) which bring customers and providers of goods and services together and provide employment opportunities. As the online platform grown in scale and value, it significantly disrupts the general concept of “normal jobs.”