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This study seeks to determine whether or not there is a need for the enactment of House Bill No. 1358 which aims to amend Art. 223 and 224 of the Labor Code, providing for the remedy of Petition for Certiorari under Rule 65 to the Supreme Court the decisions of the NLRC.

The research strategy for this study is based on the 3-in-1 Legislative Approach provided for by the Department with regard to proposed legislation where a study must be conducted before a DOLE position can be established based on evidence-based decision-making.

The researcher reviewed the Department’s programs and initiatives that are associated with conciliation-mediation, together with jurisprudence and other Department orders and legislation. This study also reviewed DOLE’s voluntary and compulsory modes of dispute resolution, and examined the effectiveness of the NCMB’s program on Single Entry Approach (SEnA). The researcher also sought to determine case data and other factors which would help in crafting legislation in aid of resolving the challenge with respect to the State Policy on Speedy Disposition of Labor Cases.

The strengthening of labor institutions should be the Department’s main focus. To foster a conducive and peaceful labor environment, the researcher suggests the adaption of means and methods which make system of resolving labor concerns non-adversarial in nature whilst ensuring that labor standards set by law are duly followed to uphold and protect the rights of workers.

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Title: A Legal Analysis On The Speedy Disposition Of Labor Cases On Appeal
: Tecelyn B. Maramag