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This policy paper provides an assessment of the implementation of the Department’s Labor Laws Compliance System (LLCS). Using the Input-Output Model as a reference, the researcher analyzed two components of the LLCS, policy and implementation.

  • Policy: The compliance rate for establishments in general labor standards and occupational safety and health standards are above 50%. These figures may be considered a positive start as half of the companies assessed are compliant. Moreover, compared with international standards, the LLCS was responsive with the basic requirements of a good inspection system.
  • Implementation: The first year of implementation of the LLCS was met with several gaps in implementation. Respondents raised concerns regarding unclear directives from the central office to the regional offices to the LLCOs, operational gaps, and issues concerning monitoring of accomplishments.Overall, the LLCS is a promising mechanism of an effective labor inspection provided that the abovementioned gaps are addressed by program managers.

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Title: Fostering Voluntary Compliance: An Assessment of the Labor Laws Compliance System
: Joyce Anne S. Lumactud