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The Institute for Labor Studies made it to the Top 10 greenest offices for 2012 at DOLE, according to the Green Our DOLE Program (GODP) Steering Committee, led by the Occupational Safety and Health Center.

“We are happy to be among the top agencies that comply with the GODP standards.  Getting to this list is an achievement in itself for the ILS family that has worked together in ensuring green work outcomes,” said Executive Director Cynthia R. Cruz of the Institute for Labor Studies.

The Green Our DOLE Program (GODP) aims to achieve green work outcomes at all DOLE offices, such as clean, safer and carbon free work environment, healthy and productive workforce, efficient resource utilization and effective waste reduction and management.  All DOLE attached agencies, bureaus, and services including service agency providers (i.e. security guards and janitors) are required to maintain workplaces based on the GODP guidelines.

“As a research agency that has done pioneer research work on green jobs, it is important that we walk the green talk that we espouse in our green jobs researches.  It is not enough that we explore and analyze trends in green workplaces and practices, and encourage firms to go green, the initiative needs to come from us as well,” said Cruz.

Offices were selected based on outstanding GODP initiatives and agency-submitted Eco-Self-assessment reports.  The Best GODP implementor will be selected based on the office’s   Eco-Audit Rating, Savings Generated, Implementation and Effectiveness of office action plan and the National Greening Program. Winners will be announced at the DOLE 80th Anniversary on December of this year.

Among the eco-innovations introduced by the ILS, were its Eco-Safe measures which included provision to all employees of a disaster kit that contain essential items in case disaster strikes. Another innovation is its Eco-Life program, a workplace health and wellness program that promotes healthy lifestyles in the workplace.

“We want to provide a workplace to our employees that is green, healthy and a safe place to work at. This is what we believe what green workplaces should be – a sustainable place to work at,” said Cruz.

Other offices that made the list were DOLE Region IX, Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns, Human Resource Development Service, Internal Audit Service, DOLE Regional Office XII, DOLE Regional Office III, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration, Employee Compensation Commission, Technical Skills Development Authority and DOLE Regional Office XIII.

The Institute for Labor Studies is the policy research and advocacy arm of the Department of Labor and Employment. It has done research on green procurement, green readiness of industries and employment in the plastic bag industry. Its research on green jobs is downloadable at

(For more information on this press release, please contact Ms. Linartes M. Viloria, Chief Labor Employment Officer  of the Institute for Labor Studies, at 5273490, 5273447)