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Exploring Telecommuting as the New Normal Work Arrangement: A Rapid Assessment of Telecommuting Practices Prior and During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Description: With the enactment of Republic Act No. 11165 and its Implementing Rules and Regulations, telecommuting, a type of flexible work arrangement was institutionalized in 2018.As lockdowns and stay-at-home measures were enforced at the onset of pandemic, workforce is instructed to work remotely...

Affirming the Right to Freedom from Violence and Harassment in the World Of Work: A Gap Analysis of the ILO Convention 190

Description: Violence and harassment is a manifestation of injustice against humanity. In the world of work, it essentially compromises not only the individual’s health and dignity but also affects the organizations’ productivity and the country’s socio-economic development...


Description: The paper offers policymakers with key principles that may be considered in setting a path for labor policy reforms in the 21st century. It provides for policy reform directions that may be taken in the immediate as well as long-term and also defines the publics that labor policy should be able to respond at present and in the future. 


Mainstreaming Employment and Decent Work in the National Agenda: The Philippine Case

Description: The paper provides options on ensuring decent and productive employment goal is included in all development planning, implementation and evaluation. The paper provides a discussion on The Philippine Decent Work Common Agenda, 2008-2010, which embodied the tripartite aspiration of addressing and reducing decent work gaps. 


The ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint: Implementing Labor-Based Concerns at the Country-Level

Description: The paper examines the existing mechanisms and framework for implementation of strategies set forth in the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community Blueprint. It presents policy initiatives that provide coherent and practical operational guide toward meeting the commitments under the blueprint.


HIV/ AIDS and Decent Works

Description: With the Decent Work as the framework, the paper provided discussions on policy and program gaps on HIV/AIDS prevention programs at the workplace. The paper presents views from tripartite partners aimed at enhancing national and enterprise level responses on HIV/AIDS. 


Flexibility and Security at Work: Seeking a Balance of Interests

Description: The paper attempts to define the issues on flexibility from the perspective of business and workers. It looks into the problems of current responses that are deemed adequate in substance but is wanting in stronger implementation and coherence in action. The paper ultimately aims to contribute to the achievement in the Philippines of well functioning labor market that affords a balance between flexibility, stability and…


Towards Attaining Harmony at the Workplace “An Assessment of Dispute Settlement Mechanism in the Philippines Towards Policy Reformulation”

Description: The paper examines policies and programs on labor dispute settlement in the country. Specifically, it analyzes the effect of the new program of DOLE, the Single Entry Approach (SENA) program, on the relationship among tripartite actors- workers, business and government. 


Flexible Work: Learning from the Practices of Global Enterprises

Description: The paper explores the flexible work arrangements at the company level as contribution to efforts in policy reforms in improving the climate for investments in the country without compromising the rights of workers as guaranteed in labor laws. 


Implementation of Holidays in the Philippines

Description: The paper looks into the clamor from the business sector to review the policy on holidays in the Philippines, particularly on its implications on productivity and competitiveness. The paper presents options for mutual and collective gains to reconcile business concerns with workers’ welfare. 


A Study on Legal Assistance Provided by DOLE to OFWs: Focus on Victims of Trafficking

Description: The paper attempts to analyze the provision of legal assistance by the DOLE to OFWs focusing on victims of trafficking in person. The paper provides mapping of existing policy and program responses on providing legal assistance; identification of gaps on providing legal assistance and recommendations on enhancing DOLE’s responses to these challenges. 


Effectiveness of Unionism in Uplifting Workers’ Benefits

Description: The paper attempts to determine the influence of trade unions in shaping policies at the backdrop ofdeclining levels of unionism in the Philippines. It provides a discussion on the effects of unionism in relation to workers’ benefits at the industry-level, firm level and to the individual workers. 

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