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2023 Working papers

Working papers are reports that make the case for policy change, through a methodical inquiry into a specific policy or program problem or issue related to labor or employment, systematic observation of the manifestations of the problem, from which conclusions and policy, regulatory, operational or programmatic recommendations are derived. The papers are intended for specific actual or target clients, who have enunciated needs to consider or use the findings and recommendations as evidence of policy or program challenges and as basis for addressing policy problems or enhancing policies or programs related to labor and employment. 

ILS working papers constitute a component of the policy development cycle of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), the papers forming part of evidence or basis for policy formulation, review or enhancement. Thus, the primary users of ILS research papers are the DOLE bureaus and attached agencies. To ensure that the papers respond to the needs of DOLE for evidence-based policy making, ILS develops an annual research agenda aligned with the policy development needs of its primary users, usually as enunciated through the directives of the Secretary of Labor and Employment or through official request letters of the various DOLE offices. DOLE also uses ILS papers as basis for crafting legislative agenda and legislative proposals.

Note: Papers as presented in the 2023 ILS Research Conference