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Manila, PH – Researchers from the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) are currently in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, together with representatives from the National Reintegration Center for Overseas Filipino Workers (NRCO) to conduct Phase 2 of the research titled, “A Typology of OFWs Returning Home: A Survey Study on the Return and Reintegration of OFWs.”

Following its successful completion and presentation during the 5th DOLE Research Conference in 2016, the study authored by ILS Researcher Jhemarie Chris L. Bernas, provided a profile of returning OFWs based on their migration experience, return motivations and accumulated resources. The study surveyed a total of 600 returned OFWs from Asia and the results reflected an OFW’s migration journey.

During the presentation of the research with the stakeholders, one of the recommendations was to include the perspectives of those OFWs who are actively working or “potential returning OFWs.” Phase 2 of the study aims to generate data on returning potential OFWs (OFWs currently working abroad) based on their 1) Migration experiences; 2) Motivation to return; 3) Accumulated resources (financial capital, human capital and social capital). To date, there is no existing statistical data or studies that describe the mindset of the OFW currently working abroad regarding return and reintegration.

The data gathering, Focus Group Discussions (FGDs), and Key Informant Interviews for the study will also be conducted in Malaysia and Singapore from June to August. This research will provide a greater insight on the preparations and motivations of OFWs for return and potential reintegration.

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