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Manila – Members of the Institute for Labor Studies Employees Association recently held their first General Assembly via Zoom last February 3, 2022.

The meeting was led by ILSEA President Marc Raphael A. Peñaredondo, who was joined by all incumbent members of the associations Executive Board, namely: WWRD Senior LEO Malorie Joy O. Mones as Secretary, Finance and Administrative (FAD) Division Procurement Officer Levie F. Mariano as Treasurer, FAD Accountant Ivy A. Castronuevo as Auditor and Labor and Social Relations Research Division (LSRRD) LEO III Franchesca Rose S. Castillo as Public Relations Officer, Mr. Manuel RJ A. Mondano, as Permanent ILSEA Representative for First-Level Employees with Ms. Joanne May B. Buenaflor as his alternate and APD Senior Labor and Employment Officer Bernard Paul M. Mangulabnan was also re-elected as the Permanent ILSEA Representative for Second-Level Employees, with Ms. Joyce Anne S. Lumactud as his representative.

Latest updates were discussed during the meeting including a transparency disclosure of the Association’s audited financial statement, proposed guidelines on the upcoming 2022 General Elections and the proposed amendments that were made on the Association’s Constitution.

The proposed changes include Article V (Membership), Sections 3 and 4; Article VIII, Sections 3, 4, and 6 (Executive Board); Article IX, Section 2 (Duties and Responsibilities of the Executive Officers); and Article XII, Section 2 (Fees, Dues and other Assessments).

Additional provisions introducing a Transition Audit Period under Article VIII, inclusion of a Bookkeeper as part of the Executive Board as well as honoraria for members of the Executive Board under Article IX, and the institution of the following Standing Committees: Committee on Elections, Committee on Welfare, and Committee on Employee-Management Consultations to further enchance the ILSEA’s capacity to look after all its members.

Deadline set for the ratification and concurrence of the proposed changes is set on March 1, 2022.