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Manila – Institute for Labor Studies researcher Bernard Paul M. Mangulabnan represented the Philippines in the recently concluded ASEAN+3 Workshop on the Development of the Senior Labor Officials Meeting +3 (SLOM+3) Work Plan. The ASEAN meet was held last October 16 in Ha Long City, Vietnam.

The meet was attended by representatives from Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Republic of Korea (ROK), Singapore, Thailand and Viet Nam. Representatives from ASEAN Secretariat were also in attendance.

Mr. Mangulabnan, a Senior Labor and Employment Officer from the Institute’s Advocacy and Publications Division (APD), is the lead person for the Green Jobs initiative of the Department of Labor and Employment.

During the meet, he shared that the Philippines had recently passed the law on green jobs and had experienced some challenges in its implementation. The Philippines acknowledged the importance of sustainable development and considered that green jobs, sustainable development and just transition to green economy could be a new frontier area for SLOM+3 cooperation. In addition to this, he added that the Philippines expressed the interest to further SLOM+3 cooperation in areas of social protection and skills development.

The ASEAN Plus Three cooperation on labor started since 2001 through the convening of the Inaugural ASEAN Plus Three Labour Ministers Meeting (ALMM+3). The ALMM+3 in 2022 will be held in the Philippines which would mark the 20th year of cooperation between member states.