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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies retains its ISO 9001:2008 Certification for 2016 after it passed its first surveillance audit conducted by Ms. Merian Domingo of AJA Registrars, Inc. last December 6 at the ILS Office.


During the surveillance audit, Ms. Domingo interviewed the process owners including the OIC-Deputy Executive Director Brenalyn Peji, ILS Quality Management Representative and Mr. Bernard Paul Mangulabnan in his capacity as lead of the ILS’ Internal Audit Team.  The audit seeks to evaluate the theoretical ability of the ILS Quality Management System (QMS) to consistently provide products and/or services that meet customer requirements and to enhance customer satisfaction.  The ILS QMS team and the rest of the organization were elated upon hearing the recommendation of Ms. Domingo for the continued certification of the Institute following offsite verification of corrective action for one minor nonconformity, which was immediately complied with by the ILS.

“The management and the QMS team express our deepest congratulations to the ILS family for the excellent work done to pass the 1st Surveillance Audit.  The level to which all the teams have worked has placed our compliance level at an increased height which should ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.  We should all be proud for this achievement.  All of us have made great contributions toward our organization’s continual improvement and for the retention of ILS’ ISO certification.”, says OIC-DED Peji.

high level of customer satisfaction and accuracy of supply.Your team should feel vf this achievement, ILS received its ISO 9001:2008 Registration Certificate last 18 March 2016.