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Manila – Two researchers from the Institute for Labor Studies presented their completed studies to government stakeholders in a validation and consultation forum held last April 10 at the Bureau of Labor Relations’ (BLR) Conference Room in Intramuros, Manila.

Ms. Joyce Anne S. Lumactud, Senior Labor and Employment Officer of the Labor and Social Relations Research Division (LSRRD), presented findings of her study titled, “Framework for Strengthening Multi-employer Bargaining in the Philippines,” to the Bureau of Labor Relations.

Ms. Lumactud’s study aims to propose a framework to strengthen multi-employer bargaining in the Philippines, specifically, by having an enabling environment by which the mechanism can be successfully implemented. Her study proposed the need to review DOLE Department Order No. 40-03, with regard to union membership coverage, workers representation, and multi-employer bargaining.

Mr. Ivan Cassidy F. Villena, Labor and Employment Officer III of the LSRRD presented the results of his research titled, “Exploring the Case of Job Orders and Contract of Service Workers in the Government.”

Mr. Villena’s study focused on exploring the different aspects surrounding the nature of engagements of job orders (JOs) and contract of service (COS) workers in the government, particularly on their working conditions including their rights at work and present situation. His study provided a discussion on various laws, rules and regulations that affect the process of hiring and selection and supervision of the abovementioned types of workers.

His policy recommendations included the creation of initiatives that could help JO and COS workers, and other temporary workers in the government to secure a full and productive regular employment. It also suggested for the government to look into their social protection benefits.

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