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ILS researchers commence 11th DOLE Research Conference preparations with peer review

MANILA – As part of the 11th DOLE Research Conference preparatory activities, the Institute for Labor Studies’ researchers presented their respective working papers during the Peer Review organized by the Advocacy and Publications Division held on 10 January 2023, Tuesday.

The Peer Review was conducted for the researchers to gather comments on their drafts, ultimately to raise the standards of research usefulness and acceptance by stakeholders.

Chiefs and staff from ILS Technical Divisions attended the peer review of the following researches: (1) Expanded Analysis of the Decisions of Foreign Courts on the Determination of Employer-Employee Relationship in the Platform Industry; (2) Public Sector Survey on Alternative Work Arrangements Implementation during Community Quarantine (3) Retrospective Examination of Regulatory Changes and Trend Analysis of Selected Statistics on Contracting and Subcontracting; (3) Study on the Determinants of Adopting Hybrid Work Arrangement: The Cases of IT-BPM, Accounting & Finance, and Customer Service Industries; (4) Generation Z in the Philippine Labor Force: Profile, Perspectives, and Prospects – Employment Research Division; (5) Labor Market Trends – 2016-2022; (6) Policy Notes on Extending Social Protection for Digital Labor Platform Workers– Workers Welfare Research Division; and (7) Policy Opportunities on the Social Protection of Seasonal Workers: The Case of Sardine Fishers in the Zamboanga Peninsula Region.