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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) Senior Labor and Employment Officer Raymond R. Estrella from the Labor and Social Relations Research Division, participated in two international conferences this October where he presented his completed thesis for his Master of Public Management degree.

His thesis titled, “What is Transformational Teaching and How can it be a Strategic Mechanism in Integrating the Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (FIRe) on the Newly-implemented Philippine K-12 Curriculum?” was presented during the Philippine Sociological Society (PSS) 2021 International Conference, which was held from 01-05 October. This year’s theme was titled, ““The Sociology of Vulnerabilities and Resistance: New and Emerging Challenges to Lives, Communities, and Places.”

Mr. Estrella also presented during the 4th International Conference on Open and Distance e-Learning (ICODeL 2021), which was held from October 13-15, with theme “The University of the Future: Sustainability and Agility Among Disruptions.”

The research presented by Mr. Estrella discussed what transformational teaching is all about and how can it be an effective avenue in integrating the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on the newly-implemented K-12 curriculum.

After reviewing the main ideas of “Transformational Teaching and Technology,” such as the current situation of education in the country’s public-school system, the paper assessed the current situation of local educational system specifically in public schools where the scarcity of resources is prevalent and where the application of technology seems to be a common challenge.

The paper also evaluated the perceptions, experiences, and recommendations of public-school teachers, key people in the education sector, and the researcher’s own teaching experience about Transformational Teaching and the emergence of technological development in the country’s educational system.