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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies published and recently released the Philippine Journal of Labor Studies Volume 1, Nos. 1 and 2.

The said journal is a compendium of all 2018 policy researches conducted by the Institute in collaboration with relevant agencies and regional offices of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). The journal has been designed to serve as a resource and reference for policy makers, researchers, academe, and advocates who wish to explore and delve on the nuances and specifics of labor and employment policy decision-making, implementation, and monitoring and evaluation.

The researches cover bilateral labor agreements, studies on the DOLE Integrated Livelihood Program, DOLE programs for displaced workers, ECC’s employment injury benefits, Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Resource Centers, employment of migratory sugar workers, situations of workers in off-site work arrangements and fisherfolks in small-scale commercial fishing, effects of work-related stress in developing Type 2 Diabetes and the factors influencing implementation of OSH services, skills gap analysis of maritime faculty in Maritime Higher Education Institutions. The papers also looked at how certain advocacies are being adopted such as gender mainstreaming in trade unions, alongside issues and concerns arising from multi-employer bargaining scenarios.

“Consistent with our mandate, we hope this journal, along with our advocacy outputs, will significantly contribute to our shared national goal of crafting well-informed, innovative, and evidence-based labor and employment policies for the Filipino workers,” says Executive Director Ahmma Charisma Lobrin-Satumba

Copies of the said journal can be downloaded at the ILS official web site at this link::