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Employees of the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) along with personnel from the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) participated in the biggest earthquake drill in Metro Manila.


Dubbed “Metro Manila Shakedrill” or #MMshakedrill on social media, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), with multi-sector cooperation from schools, businesses, government agencies, and religious organizations held the earthquake drill last July 30, 2015.


The said drill is expected to increase the chance of recovery and implementation of contingencies in the event of an earthquake, which may be caused by the movement of the West Valley Fault, in the National Capital Region (NCR).


The ILS has always been active in disaster preparedness because it is located within the walls of Intramuros, which is prone to hazards such as typhoons, floods, and earthquakes. ILS safety officers cooperated with its DOLE partners and counterparts from bureaus and attached agencies.


The drill started at 10:30 in the morning with fire alarms sounding all over the DOLE building. ILS staff employed the “duck-cover-hold” technique, the usual safety procedure during earthquakes, and exited the building. They then proceeded to the Puerta Real Gardens, its assigned evacuation area, to simulate the assembly and headcount, and watched the demonstration of first-aid and casualty recovery by the DOLE’s safety officers. An “all clear” announcement was made about an hour later, signaling the end of the drill.


A considerable part of NCR, most notably its eastern portion, will be much affected if a 7.2-magnitude (or higher) earthquake strikes NCR. Intramuros in Manila, the capital city of NCR, has experienced the deadliest earthquakes for the most of recorded history; with the June 1863 and July 1880 tremors hitting it directly and causing massive damage and deaths.


(For more information on this press release, please contact Mr. Marc Peñaredondo, Labor and Employment Officer II, Advocacy and Publications Division, Institute for Labor Studies, Telephone Nos. 5273490 / 5273447)