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The Institute for Labor Studies research titled, “Employment Mainstreaming of Workers with Disability” was presented during the Government Partners Forum on Access to Employment of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) last July 20 at the Eurotel Hotel in Quezon City.

The said forum was in celebration of the 38th National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (NDRP) Week with the theme, “Karapatan ng Maykapansanan, Isakatuparan, Now Na!”

The ILS research conducted by Ms. Julieta R. Fojas provided an analysis of the pressing employment issues and challenges for workers with disabilities, and of alternative strategic ways to provide them with decent and productive employment to help integrate them into mainstream society.

ILS OIC- Deputy Executive Director Ms. Brenalyn A. Peji discussed the findings of the study which showed that, for the past decades, the Philippines has done significant efforts and initiatives for employment mainstreaming of persons with disabilities, which was made more significant with the passage of Magna Carta for Persons with Disabilities.

As for policy recommendations, the study stressed that there is a need for a ladderized approach that need to start from the rehabilitation process towards vocational training and supported employment before they can be finally mainstreamed in the formal labor market.

The paper further stressed that employment mainstreaming of persons with disabilities can be realized through integrated efforts and strong moral and political commitments between the government, concerned social partners, and stakeholders.

For a copy of the said research, please Click this Link