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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies recently released its 2019 Annual Report, which focused on the 2019 line up of policy researches and policy support services including the series of Future of Work tripartite dialogues with our social partners that the Institute helmed for the last year.

In her message, ILS Executive Director said, “This series of dialogues has its context on the centenary year of the International Labour Organization (ILO), one of the Institute’s key research partners, and the start of the ILO’s Future of Work Centenary Initiative. In launching our own, anchored on the ILO fundamental principles of decent work, we aim to bring global discussions on topics that matter to today’s Filipino workforce, from increased workplace automation and the rise of the platform economy to lifelong learning and universal social protection, to our shores. This thrust is aptly reflected in the theme of the 8th DOLE Research Conference, which the ILS also proudly co-organized this year, “Shaping the Discourse on the Future of Decent Work.””

For 2019, ILS produced 11 researches on labor and employment issues, participated in 43 trainings, seminars, and capacity-building, spearheaded 14 policy research and advocacy activities, and achieved a 100% compliance rating with the Transparency Seal requirements in accordance with the General Appropriations Act and other rules and regulations.

Topics for the 11 policy researches that the Institute produced this year ranged from improving the Department’s institutional response against waves of potential job displacements, and the promise of Filipino migrant workers’ reintegration to the local labor market, to exploring options on how we can take advantage of positive disruptions in the workplace, in sectors as varied as information technology and construction. The Institute also aims to continue to invest on its knowledge capacity, strengthen its networks of research collaboration, and support the Department’s overall goal of achieving decent work for all Filipinos.