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WITH THE THEME, “Juana ang Tatag mo ay Tatag natin sa pagbangon at pagsulong,” the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS), together with all the offices, bureaus and attached agencies of the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), participated in the celebration of Women’s Month 2014, organized by the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) last March 8, 2014 at the Quirino Grandstand, Luneta Park, Manila.

At the Quirino Grandstand, the participants from various government, civil society, academe, business sector and women’s groups were enjoined to form a human chain to create the Venus gender symbol for women. The said activity aimed at emphasizing and celebrating the important role of Filipino women in nation-building, especially in the light of the recent disasters and calamities that struck the country in 2013. ILS-DOLE staff and personnel were among those who participated in the festivity.

Presently, the Philippines ranks as one of the top five (5) most gender-balanced and sensitive nations in the world, according to the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) annual Global Gender Gap Report. Notwithstanding the calamities, disasters and crises that rocked the Philippines in 2013, its economy managed to post a remarkable economic growth of 7.2 percent.

In view of this, ILS Executive Director Cynthia R. Cruz said that despite the gains of the country in women empowerment and gender equality, much work has to be done to address the remaining gender gaps and disparities and to ensure and sustain the achievements it has made in the past years. Dirtor Cruz likewise clarified that gender equality does not mean women empowerment at the expense of men.

“The Philippines has made notable achievements and remarkable gains in the area of gender equality, especially in the world of work, wherein many women have not only dominated the corporate world but have also become industry leaders, corporate executives, supervisors and managers. Nonetheless, the phenomenon of jobless males in the recent years should also make us realize that women empowerment will not be fully achieved when men are being pushed to the sidelines, because it would mean in the end double burden for women,” Director Cruz stated.

Apart from joining the Women’s March 2014 at the Quirino Grandstand, the ILS also held technical learning sessions on gender-oriented labor and employment policy researches and gender-sensitive governance and development for both ILS and other DOLE technical staff, researchers and personnel last March 20, 2014.

(For more information on this press release please contact Mr. Bryan M. Balco, Advocacy and Publications Division, Institute for Labor Studies, Telephone Nos. 527-3490/527-3447)