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In celebration of the World Day Against Child Labor (WDACL), World Vision’s Project Against Child Exploitation (ACE), in collaboration with the National Council Against Child Labor (NCACL), held the “National Stakeholders’ Summit of Councils and Interagency Bodies Addressing the Worst Forms of Child Labor (WFCL) including Online Sexual Abuse and Exploitation of Children (OSAEC)” last June 15 to 16, 2022 in Bayview Hotel, Manila.

The event aims to create a convergence plan among the national councils to address gaps and challenges identified in upholding children’s rights to safe and healthy conditions of work, and the elimination of WFCL, OSAEC, and violation of acceptable conditions of work.

Senior Labor and Employment Officer Frances Camille C. Dumalaog presented the ILS issue paper authored by Ms. Arianne Ishreen C. Bucar titled “Government and Civil Society: Advancing efforts to fight OSAEC.” The issue paper was also an offshoot of the ILS webinar on the same topic.

The said paper noted that there are still existing policy gaps and implementation obstacles encountered by the different sectors. Regarding national policies, a Philippine law directly punishing OSAEC remains absent and current regulations only relate to offenses to the Cybercrime Law Prevention Act of 2012. Further, the pandemic has caused limited mobilization efforts and activities to address OSAEC. Reporting cases is also hampered because perpetrators are at home and lockdowns are imposed, making detection difficult for authorities. Providing rescue and aftercare services for survivors of OSAEC has also become more challenging due to the additional protocol in pulling out children from their homes and the need to undergo swab testing and quarantine procedures.

Among its recommended actions include an intensified cross-sectoral collaboration, strengthening of parental responsibility and positive parenting, develop more inclusive interventions for children with special needs, especially in education, and Promote community action against OSAEC.

Download a copy of the ILS paper on “Government and Civil Society: Advancing efforts to fight OSAEC” here: