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The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) facilitated a series of tripartite validation workshops on April 7-10, 2015, in line with the monitoring of accomplishment of targets under the Philippine Labor and Employment Plan (LEP) 2011-2016: Progress Report 2014.

The technical research divisions and the publications division of ILS facilitated the workshops dealing with the five pillars of the LEP, namely Employment, Social Dialogue, Social Protection, Rights at Work, and Sustaining Outcomes.

The Labor and Social Relations Research Division and the Employment Research Division (ERD) assisted in the workshops on the Social Dialogue Pillar on April 7 and on the Employment Pillar on April 10. The Workers Welfare Research Division facilitated the validation of the draft documents on the Social Protection Pillar on April 7 and on the Rights at Work Pillar on April 10.

On April 8, the Advocacy and Publications Division provided technical assistance in the validation workshop for the Sustaining Outcomes Pillar.

The workshops were chaired by the Bureau of Workers with Special Concerns (for Social Protection Pillar), the Bureau of Working Conditions (Rights at Work Pillar), the Bureau of Labor Relations (Social Dialogue Pillar), the Bureau of Local Employment (Employment Pillar), and the Human Resource Development (HRD) Services (Sustaining Outcomes Pillar).

One of the major commitments reaffirmed, particularly during the Employment Pillar workshop, was the development of the HRD Plan by DOLE this year, in support of the formulation of the Comprehensive National Industrial Strategy. The Plan seeks to complement the industry roadmap initiated by the private sector.

“The HRD Plan will identify strategies that will address decent work constraints toward making the Filipino workforce more competitive within an integrated ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) context,” noted the Bureau of Local Employment representative Jerome G. Gacula.

LEP is a tripartite-plus plan aligned with the Philippine Development Plan 2011-2016. It outlines the strategic direction for labor and employment in the medium term.

The LEP Progress Report 2014 will be published in June. – with a report from on-the-job trainee Jesseca D. Dichoso/APD




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