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Manila - ILS Executive Director Ahmma Charisma-Lobrin Satumba discussed the Future of Work during the DOLE Region IV-A (CALABARZON) Strategic Planning and Budgeting, last March 6 in Calamba, Laguna.

The strategic planning session was attended by Regional Director Henry John S. Jalbuena, OIC - Assistant Regional Director Atty. Nepomuceno A. Leaño II, and other key officials from the CALABARZON Regional and Provincial Offices.

Exec. Dir. Lobrin-Satumba addressed the key question “Will automation kill all the jobs?” Her presentation titled “Future of Work: Scenarios and Implications” focused on the three major drivers of change: Technology, Climate Change, and Demographics. She also gave the attendees a primer on the 4th Industrial Revolution and its foreseen impact on the future of work.

In her report, Exec. Director Satumba highlighted that automation will have a big impact on jobs that are clerical and routinary, and other low skilled jobs that are repetitive in nature.

However, she noted that the greatest challenge is still how to nurture all human skills that cannot be replaced by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and automation while creating future jobs with a higher level of competence, and with a greater stability while ensuring social protection mechanisms.

The presentation also clarified the impact on regional job offerings of the 4th Industrial Revolution and will help guide Regional IV A officials in crafting job programs and addressing other labor related issues within their jurisdiction.