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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies actively involved in the conduct of a series of sectoral Focus Group Discussions (FGDs) for business and workers groups in time for the Job Summit jointly organized by the National Employment Recovery Strategy (NERS) Task Force and the Task Group on Economic Recovery (TGER) to mark the Labor Day Celebration for May 1.

Under ReCharge.PH, the job summit is part of the whole-of-society approach in the development of a holistic employment recovery plan for the country. It brings together key National Government Agencies and relevant stakeholders (i.e. employers, workers, industry, academe) in a discourse toward inclusive and sustainable economic recovery and generation of more productive employment and decent work.

The FGDs fall under the three levels of dialogue undertaken for pre-job summit ,namely: (1) sectoral consultations; (2) pre-summit dialogue with workers and employers; and (3) the Job Summit Proper. The sectoral FGDs gathered sectoral perspectives on how industries and workers have dealt with the pandemic, including their preparations as the government re-opened the economy, and what can the government do to support them. It gathered relevant information, which will be useful in the pre-summit consultations where it will be presented as input in crafting policies or programs for economic recovery. The Sectoral FGD for workers was hosted by DOLE through its NERS Committee who handled the following sector of workers: formal, informal, migrant, and women and youth, and platform workers. Meanwhile, the Sectoral FGD for Employers was hosted by the identified NERS-member agencies.

The Institute, in partnership with the DOLE Planning Service (PS) and the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE), led the Sectoral FGDs for Workers: Informal Sector, Women, Youth, & Platform Workers via the Zoom platform last April 15.

The output of the FGDs fed into the pre-Summit Dialogue set for April 22 where the consolidated issues, concerns, and policy and program interventions gathered were presented and discussed.