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Manila - The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) successfully conducted an orientation on the “National Guidelines on Internal Control Systems and Internal Audit Service” for public sector employees held on March 6, 2024, at the ILS Office, Intramuros, Manila.

ILS through its Finance and Administrative Division – Human Resource Management invited the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) to provide capacity-building on DBM Circulars. DBM Acting Assistant Director Rochelle F. Ramirez and Supervising Budget and Management Specialist Sheena Joy T. Casuga served as resource speakers of the technical learning session.

Among the topics discussed during the session are the DBM Circular Letters on the (1) 2008-08 National Guidelines on Internal Control Systems, (2) 2008-05 Guidelines on the Organization and Staffing of an Internal Audit Service/Unit and Management Division/Unit, and (3) 2023-04 Revised Guidelines on the Organization and Staffing of an Internal Audit Unit.

One of the objectives of the orientation was to reiterate and remind civil servants that the “public office is a public trust.” DBM speakers informed and capacitated stakeholders on compliance with laws and regulations, adherence to managerial policies, and internal control frameworks, safeguarding the Institute’s assets, and ensuring economical and ethical public offices’ operations.

The session concluded with the suggestions and recommendations of DBM to ILS for process improvement. The orientation was among the initiatives implemented by the Institute in preparation for its Annual Review for assessing and improving the management processes, and operations in the Institute.