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ILS earns perfect score for FY 2021 PBB scorecard

Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies scored 100 points in the Performance-Based Bonus (PBB) Scorecard, making it eligible for the grant of the FY 2021 PBB per AO 25 Memorandum Circular (MC) No. 2021-1 and 2021-2.

ILS satisfied the requirements across all the four accountability areas: (1) Performance Results, (2) Process Results, (3) Financial Results, and (4) Citizen/Client Satisfaction Results. The Institute achieved the following scores: 100% or 5 out of 5 of its Congress-approved performance targets for FY 2021; ease of transaction for 100% or 2 out of 2 of its frontline services; 97.76% disbursement budget utilization rate; and 4.57 satisfaction rating for no complaints received in the #8888 or Contact Center ng Bayan hotline.

The Institute has also been found compliant with 11 out of 11 Agency Accountability Requirements. The FY 2021 ILS Scorecard can be found at the ILS website by clicking on the ILS Transparency Seal.