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The Institute for Labor Studies conducted its 2019 Mid-Year Performance Assessment and Technical Learning Session on the Civil Service Commission Program to Institutionalize Meritocracy and Excellence in Human Resource Management (PRIME-HRM) and Strategic Performance Management System last 08-09 August 2019 at Taal, Vista Hotel in Tagaytay City, Cavite.

Executive Director Ahmma Charisma Lobrin-Satumba emphasized in her Opening Remarks that employee performance is necessarily aligned with institutional performance, hence the need for competency-based assessment of employees’ performance and in institutionalizing meritocracy and excellence in the Institute’s Human Resource Management.

Resource Speaker Civil Service Commission (CSC) Director May Antonette Arriola discussed the fundamental principles of the CSC PRIME-HRM and highlighted the importance of individual roles in the effective implementation of PRIME-HRM. Director Arriola also discussed the Strategic Performance Management System as implemented under the PRIME-HRM. She also clarified the shift in the role of the Commission from a regulatory function to an assistorial one to help government institutions achieve their goals under PRIME-HRM.

The Institute also invited Department of Labor and Employment Planning Division Director Adeline T. De Castro to apprise the employees on the status of the ILS’ performance against the DOLE’s target indicators and midyear directives and instructions for the past six months.

The ILS Division Chiefs presented their respective division’s progress on ongoing projects, catch-up plans for delayed projects, proposed activities for second semester, including budget and procurement. APD’s new employee and current Information System Analyst Renz Nucup also presented his proposed timeline for the institutionalization of Human Resource Information Management System ( IHRIMS) in the ILS to best achieve its goals under PRIME-HRM.