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In line with the Government-Wide Medium Term Information and Communications Technology Harmonization Initative (MITHI), the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) is in the process of finalizing its Information System Strategic Plan (ISSP) for 2015-2017.

The ISSP is a three-year computerization blueprint of an agency that describes how the organization intends to strategically use ICT in pursuit of its mission and fulfillment of its mandate. It was designed to synthesize ICT operations among all government departments and agencies, as well as ensure the consistency of the government’s ICT platform with President Aquino’s social contract.

In compliance with the requirements of MITHI and cognizant of the importance of internet as conduit for concerns in the world of work and as an important tool in public policy, particularly in the area of public policy and research, the Institute seeks to produce and complete an IS plan that describes the systems of governance that need to be strengthened to make the implementation of plan possible and sustainable.

“With the global and pervasive impact of electronic governance, it becomes imperative for ILS to realize its strategic importance to effectively deliver services to its client. Since this technology can be applied to virtually any part of an existing IT infrastructure, implementing the IS Plan will allow ILS employees to be more efficient and flexible in producing our outputs, work more closely with our partners, and be more responsive to the needs and expectations of our clients”, said ILS Executive Director Cynthia Cruz.

Among the projects that will be iniatiated is the development of a document management, monitoring and tracking system that will allow the researchers to gather, organize, manage, and collaborate structured sets of documents and supporting data. Other computerization projects that will be initiated and implemeted is the automation of some of the functions of the Administrative unit designed to improve work efficiency and productivity.

The above-mentioned projects are just some of the various computerization projects that will be developed and implemented by the Institute to facilitate the work of the organization, improve its productivity, and consistently reach out and serve its clients.

(For more information on this press release please contact Ms. Brenalyn A. Peji, Advocacy and Publications Division, Institute for Labor Studies, Telephone Nos. 527-3490/527-3447)