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In its report submitted to the DOLE-Planning Service, the Institute for Labor Studies has already completed initial consultations with target clients in relation to its target 15 researches for 2016.

For its target 205 technical assistance papers/reports output, the ILS has completed 30 papers/reports broken down as follows:  nine (9) Policy Briefs, one (1) Labor Force Survey, one (1) Consolidated Industry Profile infographics, seven (7) Activity Reports, one (1) Minutes of the Meeting for IAC-RSM, three (3) Philippine Performance Reports, one (1) DOLE Progress Report on the 5th Arangkada Assessment, one (1) Presentation of DOLE Researches on Child Labor, one (1) ILS Comments on the draft Migrants in Countries in Conflict Guidelines, two (2) OED Advisories, one (1) Substantive Highlights in keynote message, , one (1) Technical Support, one (1) inputs to draft presentation on HRD Roadmapping.

In support of the Institute, the ILS Advocacy and Publications Division (APD) and the Finance and Administrative Division (FAD) has submitted a draft of the ILS Performance and Accountability Report (as of February 2016) and was duly forwarded to the office of the DOLE Assistant Secretary.

APD has also maintained a 100% accomplishments in terms of clients assisted in the use of the Migration Information Resource Center. The ILS official web site ( has been redesigned and migrated to the prescribed government web sites template. As for its social media information network, ILS has posted , 35 updates for January, 25 updates for February, and 37 updates for March.

Network Management/Technical Secretariat Services

The ILS has provided assistance and secretariat services to the 1st IAC-RSM meeting held on January 14, 2016.  The subsequent Highlights of the Meeting of the said event was submitted on January 20, 2016.

For its non-core deliverables, the ILS has accomplished the following:

Support to Operations.

For its Communications Program, the ILS, through APD, has submitted its Communication Plan to DOLE-LCO on March 31, 2016.

ILS has also submitted a total of six (6) Good News for the months of February and March. There were also a total of eight (8) Press Releases submitted.

Statistical Performance Reporting System (SPRS)

ILS, through FAD, has submitted two (2) reports to the online monthly Statistical Performance Reporting System.

Program Assessment Report (PAR)

ILS has submitted one (1) PAR to DOLE-Planning Service and submitted to PAPs write-up for the 2015 DOLE Annual Report on February 29, 2016.

Establishment of a Quality Management System (QMS)

The ILS QMS Committee has submitted a report on its ISO certification processes to DOLE Financial Management Service (FMS). ILS FAD has also submitted a report on the ILS Citizens Charter/Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA) implementation, including a report on the ILS Integrity Development Program


The ILS reports a budget utilization rate of 20.58% against its target of 20% while posting 90.56% utilization of the Notice of Cash Allocation (NCA) as against 100% target utilization. The ILS monthly report of actual income was submitted to FMS.

Two cash advances have been liquidated within the prescribed period with submitted quarterly Report of Actions Taken on 100% Compliance to COA Recommendations.

As to the capacity building of its staff, ILS FAD has also submitted to DOLE HRDS its semestral plan of training and similar activities involving ILS personnel following the conduct of DOLE-wide MYPA. The report on trained/provided and training opportunities to 80% of staff has likewise been submitted to DOLE HRDS.

The ILS Green Our DOLE Program (GODP) plan has also been submitted by its GODP Committee.

The ILS has also complied 100% with transparency Seal requirements in accordance with 2016  2015 General Appropriations Act (GAA),IATF Memorandum Circular 2015-1, and other Joint and Memorandum Circulars.

All these 1st quarter accomplishments have been reflected as targets in the Institute’s 2016 Office Performance Commitment and Review (OPCR), which has also been duly submitted to DOLE-PS.




The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) is the policy research and advocacy arm of the Department of Labor and Employment. For more information on this press release, please visit: or call the ILS Advocacy and Publications Division at 527-3490 /527-3447.