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The results of the January 2016 Labor Force Survey (LFS) of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) indicated that decent work gains have been achieved particularly in terms of generating quality employment. Employment expanded by 2.0% (+752,000), year-on-year, accompanied by a decline in both the unemployment rate (5.8% from 6.6%) and part-time employment by 12.8% (12.506 million from 14.335 million). Further, vulnerable employment rate went down considerably to 33.4% from 39.4%. In contrast, underemployment rate notably went up to 19.7% from 17.9%, year-on-year.


The LFS also showed that the employment rate improved to 94.2% from last year’s 93.4% and employment expanded by 2.0%, from 38.461 million to 39.213 million. Further, employment gains were accompanied by an increase in full-time employment (those who worked 40 hours and over) by 11.7% to 26.449 million from 23.683 million. There were improvements in the quality of employment as evidenced by the remarkable reduction in unemployment and part-time employment, thus showing that a greater number of Filipinos have secured and regular jobs. Unemployment rate eased to 5.8% from last year’s 6.6%. In absolute levels, the total number of unemployed persons decreased by a significant 10.3%.

The Institute for Labor Studies releases the highlights of the LFS to present an in-depth analysis of the quarterly data survey undertaken by the PSA.