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“If it is not documented, it did not happen,” was the opening statement of Ms. Joy Famador, the resource speaker of the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) for its Documentation Training conducted on 09 March 2018 at iLearn Conference Room, 5th Floor DOLE Building Intramuros,  Manila..

The Department of Labor and Employment is set to start with a series of Green Jobs’ sectoral consultations from April to May 2018. The workshop is aimed at capacitating the ILS researchers on properly documenting these series of consultations and capturing key information and data.

Philippine Green Jobs Act (PGJA) of 2016 or R.A. 10771 aims to hasten the transition of the country to a “green economy,” which is sustainable, eco-friendly, and where jobs are not only decent but can help conserve and manage the environment. The law encourages business enterprises to generate and sustain green jobs by providing incentives, in addition to fiscal and non-fiscal incentives.

PGJA is a pioneering approach for institutionalizing labor and employment dimensions in the policy framework for managing and addressing climate change. In addition, PGJA is designed to pave the way for the development and implementation of a human resource development agenda that will identify the needed skills and competencies for a green job which refers to occupation that a) preserve and restore environmental quality; b) meet the criteria of decent work, such as adequate wages, safe conditions of work, workers’ rights, social dialogue and social protection, (c) involve direct activities of mitigation and/or adaptation to climate change.

The HRD Plan will take into account the following scenarios: (a) additional jobs will be created; (b) some jobs will be eliminated; (c) some jobs will be sustained; and (d) many jobs will be redefined or transformed.

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