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Manila – The Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) recently received great news from the Chairperson of the Administrative Order 25 Technical Working Group (AO25 IATF) affirming the Institute’s compliance with the requirements outlined in the Results-Based Performance Management System (RPBMS) and the agency’s qualification for the grant of the 2019 Performance-Based Bonus.

In an official letter dated January 20 addressed to ILS Executive Director Ahmma Charisma Lobrin-Satumba, Department of Budget and Management (DBM) Undersecretary Laura B. Pascua congratulated the Institute and its employees for its performance, and hopes that such incentive has “significantly contributed to your agency’s organizational and employee performance, leading to concrete and visible improvements in the delivery of goods and services to the public.’

The congratulatory notice included an attachment of the findings of the A025 IATF highlighting the following achievements of the ILS:

  • Met the streamlining and process improvement requirement for FY 2019 PBB
  • The ILS reported streamlining efforts for two (2) critical services as declared in its Citizen’s Charter: (1) Provision of Research Service and (2) Access to Knowledge Products
  • The ILS was able to reduce the number of steps for the Provision of Research Service. The number of steps to access Knowledge Products remained the same, but improvement was made by introducing using web-based application.
  • There was no reduction in the turnaround time for the critical services. Nevertheless, it is noted that the reported turnaround time for the Provision of Research Service (Technical Advisory Reports), Access to Knowledge Products (Online), and Access to Knowledge Products (Walk-In) already within the prescribed timeline by RA 11032.

As a background, the grant is based on the Performance-Based Incentive System (PBIS), an innovative, good governance-oriented incentive scheme for national government agencies and employees. The RBPMS monitors the performance of government agencies, in line with the then Aquino Administration’s commitment to good governance by encouraging exemplary performance and effective service delivery by the public sector.

At the helm is the Secretariat of the Inter-Agency Task Force on the Harmonization of National Government Performance Monitoring, Information and Reporting Systems, otherwise known as the AO25 IATF, a body created by virtue of Administrative Order No. 25 to undertake the task of monitoring and evaluating the performance of government agencies. It aims to promote transparency by providing access to information about the programs, targets and performance of all agencies in the public sector.