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“On its first year of implementation, we want to be transparent with our tripartite partners and the public in general, in what the Department and its social partners have accomplished on promoting decent and productive work,” said Labor Secretary Rosalinda Dimapilis-Baldoz.

The report outlines progress initiated in the four pillars of decent work.  Overall, the report shows 87.2%, with 184 commitments have had significant progress out of the total 211.

“For the first year, we have begun laying the foundation for fulfilling the 211 commitments that we target to be accomplished in 2016. This progress report guides us in what directions we need to take in the next five years.” Dimapilis-Baldoz added.

The progress report is prepared by the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) as secretariat for the National Tripartite Advisory Committee on Decent Work (NTAC), which has been tasked by the TIPC to oversee the implementation of the of the LEP.

The Report is a compendium of submissions by Department clusters on employment, rights at work, social protection, social dialogue, sustaining outcomes. Aside from the DOLE clusters, other members of the NTAC include the Alliance of Workers in the Informal Employment Sector (ALLWIES), Federation of Free Workers (FFW) and the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP).

“There is still much work to be done. We hope that through this progress report, we may be able to track what needs speeding up, what requires more attention, and how our social partners can help us in fulfilling our Plan commitments,” Dimapilis-Baldoz added.

The adoption of the LEP Progress Report is in itself a social dialogue process, which the LEP wants to promote.

“The DOLE provides an environment for more inclusive tripartism and social dialogue to make representation of interests of sectors more broad-based and highly participatory,” said Dimapilis-Baldoz.

The LEP Progress Report has been scheduled for release at the end of the month, once the TIPC adopts it.

The ILS was created in July 1987 by virtue of Executive Order No. 257. Since its creation the Institute has always been at the forefront of labor and employment policy research and advocacy providing strategic policy research for the Department of Labor and Employment.

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