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Philippine Performance Report

The Philippines maintains its respective ranking in closing gender disparity as measured by the Global Gender Gap Index, according to the 2016 Report of the World Economic Forum (WEF).  The country remains to hold the seventh (7th) spot out of 144 countries in the overall global index in eliminating gender gap, though with a slight decline in its overall scoring.  The Philippines has an overall score of 0.786 in this year’s Report compared to 0.790 in 2015.

The Philippines retained its stature of being a moderately free economy according to latest results from the Index of Economic Freedom. For the year 2016, the economy ranked 70th out of 186 countries, and garnered a score of 63.1. This is an improvement from the previous year’s score and rank, 62.2 and 76th place, respectively. In comparison to its neighboring countries, the economy is well-performing in terms of economic freedom, having fared better than the average score of economies in the Asia and the Pacific region (59.0). Among countries in the Asia-Pacific region, the Philippines ranked 14th. Similarly, the economy is performing at par with other countries globally, with its score slightly higher than the world’s average score of 60.7.