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private e-recruitment for local employment working paper thumbnail

The research assessed the regulatory space surrounding private recruitment and placement for local employment and its applicability through electronic and digital means, including prominent areas of policy concerns. Through an ex-ante regulatory impact analysis, particularly with the use of multi-criteria decision analysis, the research identified strategic policy options ranging from regulatory to non-regulatory, including other policy alternatives, and assessed preliminary impacts of identified policy options.

effect of covid-19 on overseas filipino workers' salaries and remittances working paper thumbnail

This research demonstrates the direct and immediate effect of COVID-19 pandemic on Overseas Filipino Workers’ (OFWs) salaries and remittances, considering their varying sociodemographic profile and prevailing salaries and remittances. Adopting Abella and Sasikumar’s (2020) formula applied to a sample of 1,025 OFWs, the study finds that OFWs who experienced early termination of contract due to COVID-19 lost around a quarter of their prospective salaries and remittances at 24.42% and 24.78%, respectively.

 covid-19 adjustment measures program 1 working paper thumbnail

This study assessed client experience and perception of the COVID-19 Adjustment Measures Program (CAMP 1) implemented by the Philippine government, through the Department of Labor and Employment, as a response to mitigate the adverse economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on Filipino workers in the private sector. Following an explanatory sequential mixed method design and using primary and secondary data collected through the rollout of a cross-sectional perception survey and conduct of focus group discussions, CAMP 1 implementation gaps, bottlenecks, and issues in service delivery and utilization, including availment and beneficiary satisfaction, were thoroughly assessed.