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This research intends to propose a convergence of DOLE programs that will particularly cater to the needs of the unemployed or the displaced workers. This research assesses the readiness of the Department of Labor and Employment to administer and implement an integrated unemployment benefit program by way of analyzing the following component areas: (1) review of policy linkages and gaps between and among national laws, regulations and other policy instruments; (2) review of existing programs for the unemployed or displaced workers; (3) review of institutional requirements; and (4) recommendations for actions on the creation of a system of unemployment benefit program in DOLE.

This research adopts a three-stream policy window model as a framework of analysis identifying the streams such as problem, policy and political, which must be combined to make a policy change. Using normative approach to prescribe policy to decision-makers answering the policy problem of what should be done (action), the information gathered in the form of department orders and implementing rules, program descriptions, and administrative data are analyzed to come up with alternatives addressing the need to coordinate, integrate, and consolidate programs on employment facilitation, skills retooling, emergency livelihood, and income support schemes. The recommendations of this research are clustered into three parts: policy requirements, program requirements and institutional requirements.

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Title: Introducing A Dole Integrated Unemployment Benefit Program
: Patrick P. Patriwirawan, Jr.