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This research intends to provide pathways to integrate the aims and elements of the Philippine Qualifications Framework (PQF) into the programs of the Bureau of Local Employment (BLE). It seeks to bolster the bureau’s active role in the implementation of the PQF by ensuring that its programs are implemented in consonance with the PQF objectives. Specifically, this paper seeks to: (1) ascertain the level of familiarity with PQF of major stakeholders in the supervision and implementation of selected BLE programs; (2) review the following programs that are associated with the aims of the PQF: (a) JobStart Philippines Program; (b) Career Guidance Advocacy Program (CGAP); and the (c) National Skills Registration Program (NSRP); (3) identify gaps in the implementation of selected programs; and (4) recommend options and pathways for PQF aims and elements to be integrated into said programs. The results show: (1) a generally low level of familiarity with respect to PQF among supervisors and implementers of the BLE programs; (2) a wide array of issues and concerns that hamper the implementation of aforementioned programs; and (3) a gap in the integration of PQF aims and elements into the selected programs.

Recommendations on (a) how to increase level of PQF familiarity among local-level supervisors and implementers and (b) how to address the implementation gaps of JobStart, CGAP, and NSRP are forwarded based on discussions of gap analyses. Given all these, pathways on how to integrate PQF elements into the BLE programs are finally outlined.

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Title: Enhancing skills demand-supply nexus: A gap analysis of the Bureau of Local Employment’s programs in line with the Philippine Qualifications Framework implementation
John Emmanuel B. Villanueva