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Sin tax reform was identified as priority legislation in the second Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) meeting under the Aquino Administration. The proposed bill for sin tax reform, House Bill 5727, has been approved by the House of Representatives and by the Senate, and a jointly approved version is targeted to be approved by the end of 2012.Since the health costs are greater than the economic benefits of tobacco use (production–cultivating and manufacturing, retail, taxes), the reduction of tobacco consumption is a more sound policy for government. Aside from the potential impact of tobacco control policies such as excise tax, jobs in the tobacco industry have been declining in recent decades due to new technology, changes in demand, and national and international tobacco control policies targeting consumption.


The study puts forward a diagnostic framework to allow DOLE Regulatory Offices to examine their current state of regulatory practice and identify capacity determinants that reinforce or impede the adoption of best regulatory principles and practice as embodied in the widely-used Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Framework. The results of the diagnosis will help identify requisite gaps in capacity and advocacy so that such gaps may be addressed accordingly.