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Dev Event Report


Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce to attain productive, innovative and competitive industries, many industry stakeholders have identified human resource development (HRD) as a key cross-sectoral issue of concern. For this reason, the DTI partners with the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) to spearhead the crafting of HRD plans that will complement the industry roadmaps. A DOLE Technical Working Group (TWG) was created to lead the crafting of sectoral HRD plans. Stakeholder consultations shall be conducted for the purpose of formulating a sectoral HRD plan per industry roadmap.


As the Department of Labor and Employment’s (DOLE) policy research and advocacy arm, the Institute for Labor Studies (ILS) undertakes relevant research studies that promote better labor policies in advancing the welfare and well-being of the Filipino worker.

The Institute for Labor Studies will conduct a tracer study for the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration’s (OWWA) Programs: (1) Education for Development Scholarship Program (EDSP) and (2) Skills for Employment Scholarship Program (SESP) for the year 2015. In view of this, it is deemed necessary to hold a training workshop on conducting tracer study.